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roxygen2md 1.0.1

Bug fixes

  • Refine regular expression for matching roxygen2 blocks.


  • Prefer brio over enc (#16, #21).
  • New "indent" scope for adding indent to @param and @return tags.


  • Prefer pak.
  • Update code of conduct.
  • Use tidytemplate.
  • Package documentation.
  • Fix URLs.


  • Use testthat edition 3.


  • Internal changes only.
  • Harmonize yaml formatting.
  • Revert changes to matrix section.
  • Reduce parallelism.
  • Also check dev on cran-* branches.
  • Update hash key for dev.
  • Remove R 3.3.
  • Merge pull request #15 from r-lib/b-gha.
  • New scope = "unlink" to help hunt down unwanted \link{...} elements.
  • Same as previous version.

roxygen2md 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2019-06-17

Initial release.

  • Function roxygen2md() that can be run in the package’s directory and converts all roxygen2 comments to Markdown, guiding the user with helpful output.
    • The DESCRIPTION is edited if necessary, or a message is given that the user should edit themselves.
    • Runs document() automatically if markdown = TRUE in DESCRIPTION.
    • Perform only partial conversion by specifying the scope argument.
    • Makes use of usethis::proj_get().
  • Function find_rd() to find the remaining Rd syntax
  • Function markdownify() converts Rd to Markdown in character vectors (#10, @alexpghayes).
  • RStudio add-in with menu items “Rd to Markdown” and “Find Rd.